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May 29, 2019 | Allegretto Vineyards News | Allegretto Vineyards

Allegretto Wines Releases The Report ‘Storage Tips For Wine Collectors’

best single vineyard wines in Paso Robles

Allegretto Wines, the source for some of the best single vineyard wines in Paso Robles, has released the report ‘Storage Tips for Wine Collectors.’ “One of the conversation topics in our tasting room is the best storage methods for wine,” said Quin Cody, Director of Hospitality, “the tips in this report are going to help answer some of those questions.” 
The report provides information for estimating the storage space, storage methods, the best temperatures for storing and serving, and some creative ideas for building a wine cellar on a budget. 

Figuring out storage space

The storage space needed depends on how many bottles you would like to have on hand, or already have but don’t have adequate space. Buying a wine refrigerator is a common solution to storing wine, but sometimes the wine refrigerator you would like costs more than the family budget allows. 
There are options for adding or increasing wine cellar space that include re-purposing a closet or cabinet or even adding a “wine room” in the garage. But before getting into remodeling ideas, you still need to know how many bottles you want to have available. 
Here is a quick estimate (based on ceilings that are nine feet high): 
• 500 bottles or less needs about 25 square feet of space
• 1,000 bottles would use 50 square feet 
You might think that 500 bottles is a lot of wine, but if you are single and drink a bottle with dinner three or four nights a week, that could come to more than 200 bottles a year plus what you share with company and gift to friends and family. If you entertain frequently you can reach 500 bottles a year easily.
You want the space to include wines that you are allowing to age, those you are keeping for special occasions and those you will be drinking soon. 
Once you calculate how many bottles of wine you want to keep, you can decide on the best affordable storage method that is going to meet the temperature and humidity needs of your special wines. 
Temperature, UV light, and humidity.
Wine is typically stored at one temperature and served at a different temperature. The ideal storage temperature for most reds and whites is 55 degrees. Serving temperatures vary by the wine: 
• Traditionally, red wines were served at room temperature, but the modern-day thermostat means homes are kept at a variety of temperatures for personal comfort. The ideal serving temperature for red wine is from 60 - 65 degrees F. 
• White wines are best served slightly chilled between 50 - 60 degrees. 
• Sparkling wines and champagne usually taste best chilled to around 40 degrees. 
The kitchen refrigerator temperature is usually at around 40 degrees F. Too cold to store wine but a good temperature to chill a sparkling wine. If you are not sure when the wine has reached the appropriate serving temperature you can use an inexpensive wine bottle thermometer to know when the bottle is ready to pour.

UV rays and humidity

UV rays cause chemical reactions that can change a wine’s flavor and color in unfavorable ways. Keep your wine collection out of the sunlight. 
Corked wines need sufficient humidity at around 70-percent to keep the corks moist and expanded so some kind of humidity control is important. Store corked wines on their sides to help keep the cork moist.  
Screw top bottles don’t require the same kind of humidity control, but since most people collect both corked and screw topped wines these days, humidity control is the best way to go. 

The ‘cellar’

Most of us don’t have the space or finances for a high-tech wine cellar with sophisticated humidity and temperature controls and there are affordable options. 
Wine coolers, or refrigerators, start at around $200 for 20 or so bottles of wine and price upwards from there. When space is an option, some wine refrigerators can be stored in closets or in the garage and this works perfectly for many people. 
Some collectors want a more formal “cellar.” Remodeling closets, under stair spaces, kitchens, and garages are becoming popular ways to create dedicated wine storage. There are several good do-it-yourself sources on the Internet, or give your local construction company a call for an estimate. 
If you are collecting as an investment, leasing commercial wine storage is a safe way to protect your investment. 

About the Allegretto Wines
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