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Allegretto Vineyards
June 18, 2019 | Allegretto Vineyards

Allegretto Wines Of Paso Robles Announces The Best Single Vineyard Wines For Summer

best single vinyard wines Paso Robles

For Allegretto Wines, it means the grapes in the vineyards that produce some of best single vineyard wines in Paso Robles are ripening and preparing themselves for harvest. 

More than just a day when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, the summer solstice marks a season of ripeness — ripening crops, nesting birds, fledglings taking wing, fawns and foals frolicking alongside their dams, and bees and hummingbirds among the flowers. 

It is the time when a long year of hard work is rewarded with leisure, vacations, summer parties and good company. What better polishing touch to a backyard party or an elegant summer wedding than the perfect summer wine?  

Allegretto Wines announces the tasting room staff’s top three choices for summer wines: 
 Allegretto Brut Sparkling, Paso Robles 2018: Aromas of bright Grapefruit and earthy lemongrass burst through while flavors of crisp green apple settles on the palate.
 Allegretto Viognier, Bella Colina Vineyard 2016: Aromas of Jasmine, pineapple and warm peach, this delicate wine is brightened by subtle notes of lemon grass, honeysuckle and crisp Asian pear.
 Allegretto Rose of Tannat, Paso Robles 2018: The perfect summer wine with aromas of strawberry and tropical flavors of guava with a light touch of cinnamon.


Every wine appreciator looks forward to enjoying crisp, fruity wine at the end of a warm summer day in the company of good friends. These three Allegretto wines are the perfect complement to any summer solstice get-together. 

Celebrating this time of year is one way we honor the season that puts food in our bellies and wine in our glasses. Humankind has acknowledged the turning of the sun since we began leaving tracks in the mud and sand. The hunter-gatherers and the agrarian cultures that followed did not miss the meaning of the season. Everyone knew their lives depended on getting the best from the bounty this time of year provides. Just as the winter solstice represents the return of the sun and life-giving light, the summer solstice represents a season of fertility and plenty. 

We celebrate summer in as many different ways as we have different cultures. Today people host summer solstice parties, gather at the beach with a bonfire, spend meditative time alone or participate in ages-old rituals. Regardless of how it is celebrated, solstice signifies a time when nature is at her fullness. 

Enjoying this longest day means joining friends and family over good food and good wine and a visit to Allegretto Wines is just the way to make it happen. Bring friends, and the kids are welcome in the family-friendly patio. Enjoy some food and the best single vineyard wines in Paso Robles. Be sure to enjoy at least one of the Allegretto Wine Staff Top Summer Wine Picks. Join the wine club for membership discounts and benefits. Buy a bottle or two and get free flight tastings. 

The Allegretto Wine tasting room is located inside the picturesque Allegretto Vineyard Resort off Highway 46 East at 2700 Buena Vista Drive in Paso Robles. Hours are Wed - Sat 11 a.m. - 6:45 p.m. / Sun and Mon 2 - 6:45 p.m. / Tuesday by reservation. For more information or for reservations call (805) 369-2526. 

Allegretto Wines
2700 Buena Vista Drive
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 369-2526

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